Highway Construction

High Production Highway Construction in La Crete & Northern Alberta

Grading, Excavation and Embankment

Our dedicated crews do everything short of paving the road for you. It’s our priority to create a safe and up to grade foundation: all you have to focus on is the oil and pavement. With our exceptionally large fleet and experienced crews, we cover every element of highway construction, from grading to embankment to auger boring. Our team will take care of any erosion, improve side slopes that are steep and unsafe and properly integrate culverts.


We look to provide reliability and efficient service for every client: work with us for proficient highway construction service.

  • Grading
  • Excavation
  • Embankment
  • Erosion Rebuilding
  • Side Slope Improvement
  • Culvert Placement
  • Auger Boring
  • And more

We Use Topcon GPS Technology

With Topcon Positioning System technology, we provide far more precise highway construction than the technology systems of the past. Topcon GPS installed in our graders, crawlers, excavators and more enable us to program our equipment with the exact layout of the project. Our machines know exactly what the finished product should look like, allowing us to excavate, grade and more with astonishing precision.

Topcon Positioning Website


Our Equipment

Northern Road Builders has a large line of heavy equipment, ready and capable of completing the toughest construction challenges in a timely, professional manner. Among our fleet are excavators, crawlers, articulating rock trucks, motor scrapers, directional drills, auger units, graders, hydrovacs, and so much more. Combined with the equipment of our sister companies, If you need it, we’ve probably got it.

Our Equipment

Safety & The Environment

We are committed to keeping our employees as safe as possible while minimizing our impact on the world around us. A properly functioning safety program helps our team maintain smooth operation by minimizing incidents, protecting individuals, and reducing equipment downtime. We ensure that our team follows applicable rules and regulations, always with a respect for the safety of the crews, equipment, and property. You can rest assured you’ll be well cared for with Northern Road Builders.

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